FMZ Technology

The FMZ technology has had more than five successful years in Canada and has been recently introduced to the US. Trials have been conducted by a number of US fleets including some of the largest fleets in the US. With results from 3% to 12% these industry leaders will tell you about their experience when you’re ready to make a decision.

11 big truck dealerships now offer the FMZ technology as both an aftermarket and with new truck deliveries.

Agropur, a 3.4 billion dollar multinational dairy transport company outfits their fleet, after realizing fuel efficiency an average of 7%.

One of the largest fuel transport companies is enjoying results of more than 5% improvement in their evaluation with the first round of data March of 2013.

D.J.L. Construction has improved its fuel consumption an average of 6.2% and has now outfitted their entire fleet with the FMZ technology.

The Group Jean Coutu has been using the FMZ technology since 2008. With an average of 6% improved fuel economy, they now have all of their trucks equipped with the FMZ technology at the dealership when purchased.

Camions International Truck Dealership: “the FMZ technology is a great product to help our customers save fuel. We install it as both an aftermarket and as an option on our new trucks.”
– Val Gagner, Camions International

“Western Dairy Transport, took the opportunity to test the FMZ technolody in two of our applications, route trucks, which are used primarily for local dairy pickup and our over the road tankers, which spend most of the time on the interstate. DTI set the proper expectation, explaining that the percentage of improvement would be greater on the local trucks, due to the stop and go duty cycle, however explained that both applications would likely see a return on our investment in under a year. Our return on investment was about ten months for the over the road trucks and slightly under six months for our route trucks. It was easy to see that they delivered and brought the value they indicated they would.”
– Casey Dixon, Western Dairy Transport